Betina Jung is an independent designer and artist who has lived from art since 2001. Since 2007, she has worked with art and concept design in collaboration with business and public institutions.

In line with society's demands for increased efficiency, there have been, among other things, in the hospital world, the focus has been on making the hospitals high-tech and efficient, so that as many people as possible could be treated most efficiently. This gives some architectural surroundings/buildings which can seem very "tight", which reinforces the need for some architectural "softening", so that the indoor environment becomes better to stay in. This means art, earlier and colours.

Research is being carried out in several places in the country's hospitals into art and the importance of interior design for healing. In addition, there are reception rooms/treatment rooms in several places that are reminiscent of home conditions, in order to reduce the patient's stress level.

During a study trip to the USA, we found a completely different way of looking at the hospital system. In some private hospitals in the USA, they spend a lot of money on curatives with great effect in the form of faster design healing, better quality of life for the patients, etc.

In the US they think completely differently. They let coming to the hospital be an experience and call it a stay at resorts. Here, patients can do all the things they may have always dreamed of, e.g. record a song, take part in a film, etc. In addition, the hospitals have green areas, live animals and colorful art, which bring joy and have a very positive effect on healing and stress regulation.

The positive psychological effects this can have on quality of life and focus seem obvious. We use our knowledge and existing research on the factors that contribute to healing and stress reduction when we advise in healing design.

Create a safe environment with healing art in the workplace

Art can also be instrumental in creating a nicer and safer environment for patients, relatives and employees, as well as creating positive and stimulating distractions from the patient role. There are no definitions of good art, and what is good art for some will not be for others. The most important thing in this context should therefore be a conscious attitude towards the art and a line in or an idea with the art that you invest in, so that the impression does not become incoherent and random.​​​​

Several Danish hospitals and clinics have actively and consciously invested in art. Aarhus County Hospital, for example, wanted art in connection with the opening of the hospital in 1985 and subsequently set up an art fund, which has continued to invest in art for the hospital. Similarly, the Intensive Therapy Clinic at Rigshospitalet, in collaboration with the Carlsberg Foundation, has invested in decoration and art.

As a performing artist, Betina Jung works to ensure that corporate art becomes a more recognized tool for change in companies as well as in the public space, as the visual has a stronger power and a greater degree of implementation than the written word. Therefore, work is also done to a great extent with art in the workplace and healing architecture.​

How does Betina Jung create art at work?

Betina Jung works, among other things, with creating art in the workplace and healing architecture. This is particularly so in relation to tasks where strong visual art is used as a medium to convey a message.​

The companies that contact Betina Jung often have a concrete desire for a message that they would like to send with their company art. The company is then visited, where Betina comes up with proposals for measures to decorate the company, which may for example be in connection with changes in the company.​

The measures are always based on the needs and wishes of the individual customer, and the work is also always carried out in close cooperation with the customers. In this way, it is ensured that the finished art in the workplace lives up to what the company wants to express.

Healing architecture and custom art for businesses help convey a message.

Contact Betina Jung and hear more about the possibilities for company art

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