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Short about me

​​My name is Betina Jung and for the past 22 years I have lived full-time from my passion, namely creating art through the Betina Jung Art Studio.

With a background in the financial sector, I have since become a self-taught artist. I come from West Jutland and had a childhood dream of becoming an artist - but it wasn't a profession out there back then. That's why I ended up with a financial education with the advice of my family - but the art pressed on and I took the leap when I was 30 years old and had two small children. The timing was actually crazy, but it's been the right decision for me.

For me, art is a way of both expressing my own feelings, but also my way of expressing my impressions from what I reflect on out in the big world. I like to create time pictures. To create something that tells a story about the times we live in.

​My art has brought me to near and far and contributed to experiences that I would never have had through a completely normal working life. Among other things. I have been to exhibitions in New York, Luxembourg and Greenland to name just a few. I have, among other things, been picked up by private plane and flown to clients to make art for their very special houses, and I have that because I dared to jump into new materials and directions. I feel that I have been rewarded for sticking to myself and my directions. I have always taken pride in performing good craftsmanship and creating a site-specific and individual solution for each individual. 

I take pride in behaving properly and complying with my agreements on prices, deadlines, while at the same time creating current art, which can contribute to us moving in new directions and keeping up with the constant development society finds itself in. Art is with to support and perhaps sometimes move ahead of time?​

Yes, and for the initiated - I have been included in the recognized censored exhibitions - on top of that, once with an extra prize ring and ceramics that were included in the 100-year history of ceramics because I covered ceramics with collage. And it hasn't made any difference.​

What makes a difference is market forces. That I have created art that people actually buy with their own savings. That companies buy a project because they can see that it will add value and use art to create messages that are relevant precisely for them, their employees, customers and business relationships. It speaks its own language to me.

Types of Workr

​I express myself in many ways with my art. My forms of expression are through sculptures and paintings made of many different types of materials. I am technically curious about different materials and the curiosity takes me in many directions.

​​This includes, among other things:

​- Skulpturer og krukker i keramik
​- Skulpturer i bronze
- Skulpturer i ​glasfiber og collage

- Almindelige malerier
​- Nye malerier

- Små malerier

Private individuals and companies

At Betina Jung Art Studio, I sell art to private individuals as well as companies.

Over the years, I have created art that should help create life and stimulate people both in workplaces and in urban spaces.​

This includes work for large and small companies, the public sector and many private companies. Among other things, I have delivered art to: Nykredit, Region Nordjylland, Nordjyske Bank, Hotel d'Angleterre, Neas Energy and Aalborg Municipality.


Born 1968

Finansuddannelse 1988-1993

Autodidakt kunstner

skulpturkurser: Sorring i Silkeborg, Århus Kunstakademi

Studierejser/ophold: London, New York, Berlin, Japan​

Few selected exhibitions, etc.

Incl. Censurerede

Det Ny KASTET - Thisted

Dronninglund Kunstcenter - censureret udstilling

Limfjordens kunstforening -Gimsinghoved Struer – præmiering af værker

Kunstnernes sommerudstilling - censureret udstilling

Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery, New York

Aalborg Karnevalsplakat

Udstilling på Chateau Bourglinster – Luxembourg - Den Danske ambassade

Udsmykningsprojekt med Aalborg kommune på Grønland


Nordjyske Bank A/S, Region Nordjylland, Hjørring kommune, Aalborg kommune, Neas Energy A/S, Aalborg Handelsskole, Sydbank, Boligselskabet Nordjylland, CCBR, Aalborg kommune, Property Vision A/S – Arkitekterne Bjørk og Maigaard, Jasopels A/S, Windforce A/S – FRONT Hotel, Property Group A/S , Hotel D`angleterre Home Erhverv-Aalborg , Sparekassen Hvetbo, TK- Ferieboliger-Aalborg, Spar Nord, Lægerne Orth & Aasted, Nybolig, Home Erhverv, Ejendomsmægler Thorkild Kristensen, Lægehuset Hobro, CCBR, Advokatfirmaet Kim Østergaard, LPS BYG A/S, Crossland, Jersey England, Region Nordjylland m.m.

Sold, among others, to:

Nykredit, Aalborg kommune, Aalborg Handelsskoler, Aalborg Havn A/S, Boligselskabet Nordjylland, Den Danske Ambassade i Luxembourg, EjendomsInvest, Property Group A/S, Sparekassen Hvetbo, Nykredit, Hotel D`angleterre, Remmens. Politiet -Aalborg, Nørresundby Bank, Mortensen og Beierholm, AdvoNord, Gandrup Elementfabrik, Nordjyske Stiftstidende Nordjyllandsværket A/S,Thorkild Kristensen Group A/S, Kuben, Spar Nord Fonden, Spar Nord Bank, Retten Aalborg, Hjørring kommune, Brønderslev kommune, Home, Nybolig, Advokatfirmaet Kim Østergaard, Boligselskabet Himmerland, Nordjyske Bank, Revisionsfirmaet Nielsen og Kristensen – mange private, kunstforeninger og kunstcirkler.

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