As a professional designer and artist, I have worked for 15 years with different forms of artistic expression and figures - including I have made different types of sculptures for companies, restaurants and public spaces all over Denmark. It has been both bronze sculptures, fiberglass sculptures and ceramic sculptures.

A sculpture is a strong, cultural and spatial form of artistic expression that has many meanings and purposes. In Aalborg, for example, we have a bull and a goose girl - and people often say: "We meet at the goose girl or the bull". We also know the stork fountain in Copenhagen and so on. When we as Danes go abroad, they very often mention "The Little Mermaid". Think that such a small sculpture has been able to put Denmark on the map. In other words, I believe that art can help to "brand" a company - a place in the urban space, etc.

Send the right signal with a sculpture

In my work with bronze sculptures, I place emphasis on conveying a message that provides inspiration to companies and employees and makes the company itself express the values ​​it wants - this can be, for example, courage, initiative, innovation, professionalism, security and so on.

I make my sculptures in different materials and sizes – including ceramics, bronze, fiberglass, collage and acrylic. I work a lot with the color scheme and choice of materials, which must fit in aesthetically with the other surroundings - and other times it is the contrast that needs to be worked with.

When I create a sculpture, it is always with the individual customer's wishes in focus - but always with my own artistic touch. I have my own style and I can't avoid it. When you choose me, it's because you know my form of expression.

If there are other artists involved in a project, I have the connections to create such a collaboration. I also use various partners in connection with large castings, bronze sculptures and the like.

Contact me and hear more about my bronze sculptures

If you want to know more about my bronze sculptures, you are welcome to contact me on phone 40 92 27 50 or​