​Art and design help to push us in new directions and move us into the subconscious universe, where we are influenced - often completely without us realizing it.​

When art or a design moves us, it is often in the form of shapes and colors that make an impression on us - which we remember. For example, we often take photos on our travels of a fun and quirky design or an innovative and colorful piece of art. We stand next to the art if it "catches". In this way, we take it home and "burn" the place where we met the art - without thinking about it further. We "post" it on various media and write the name of the art together with the city we may find ourselves in. In this way, we constantly "brand" through art.​

I use my art as a tool to achieve a mood, a reaction and maybe even a change in behavior. Therefore, I have to cover a wide field. In my work, I would like to create a holistic experience, so that the architecture, interior design and history of the company are included. I design, among other things, fiberglass sculptures, bronze sculptures and ceramic sculptures in various colors and sizes for restaurants, public spaces and companies all over Denmark.​​

A sculpture can convey a message

I always attach great importance to conveying a message that inspires the company and its employees, and that helps the company to express the values that are important to the company. With one of my fiberglass sculptures, the company can express courage, professionalism, security, innovation or initiative, among other things.​

I work to a large extent with material selection and color composition, which must be able to fit into an aesthetic context with the other surroundings without disturbing - but other times I focus on working with the contrast. My fiberglass sculptures are always produced with the customer's wishes and values in focus, but of course I always add my own artistic touch.

Contact me and hear more about my fiberglass sculptures

You are welcome to contact me on phone 40 92 27 50 or e-mail to hear more about my work with fiberglass sculptures.