​​During my years as an artist, I have helped many companies and individuals to give new life and get ideas started in homes, workplaces and urban spaces.​

You can see testimonials from some of these customers on the following page.​

​"Jung's art (Fråderen/courage on life) has made young people open their eyes to art in another new and different way. The Plexiglas figure on the wall and the way of using colors have created both wonder and amazement. In general, Betina's work helped to give a positive kick to the young people's thoughts about life"

- Poul Søe, director

Aalborg Business Schools​

​"Growth and dynamism are not always easy to visualize, but through Betina Jung's art it was possible to create the desired overall impression, which helps both customers and employees to present Neas Energy A/S as a dynamic and innovative company in progress"
- Bo Lynge, CEO

NEAS Energy A/S

​​"With the presentation of an internationally recognized Haut Couture Designer from Paris and art by Betina Jung, we marked that Aalborg belongs on the international scene and Betina Jung's large sculptures were the perfect match. Women in big boots – a fantastic symbol"

- Jette Gudiksen, estate agent and partner

The estate agency Thorkild Kristensen A/S

​"A Sparekasse's head office is usually a boring square building, and we wanted to change this perception a bit by giving our customers a visual impression that we are not boring bankers, but that we actually dare to break boundaries and explore creativity, something that might not be right in our industry – that's the image Betina has with her art and color schemes, etc. on both walls and pillars helped to create.”

- Jens Boelsskifte, Director

​Sparekeassen Hvetbo A/S

​"The idea of ​​​​using art in our premises was to express professionalism in relaxed and calm surroundings. When people enter our waiting room, we wanted to give them a sense of security, which Betina Jung has managed to create through both sculptures and paintings - the atmosphere in the room now reflects our values."​

- Managing CEO Director​​

​CCBR Clinical Research

"Going to a restaurant is not just about food and wine. It must be a holistic experience. That is why we at TABU wanted to strengthen our "brand" through Betina Jung's art, and this has created a visual added value for the restaurant, as the art both helps to create a visual impression that is different. In addition, the sculptures help to create discussion around the subject of TABU over dinner, which creates conversation in the corners - suddenly it is not just the food that is the topic of discussion, but the overall experience of coming here"

- Susanne Kjær, owner

Restaurant TABU