Monkdogz Urban Art is an international gallery based in the heart of the Chelsea Art District in New York City that deals with some of the most innovative and imagination driven artists from around the world.

Our decision making process on whom we show and whom we choose to work with is based on an individual artist’s sense of accountability and imagination.

These extraordinary images you are seeing were executed by some of the international artists we have had the good fortune to work with.

Artists like Mari Yamagiwa and Jun Takahashi of Japan, Jean Marc Calvet from Nicaragua, Sylvia Hennequin and Hans Meertens from the Netherlands and Steven Reinhart of the United States.

Monkdogz over the past few years has had the privilege of working with a number of Danish artists realizing there is a huge volume of talent birthed in that area of the world.

Our focus here lies with a very gifted artist from Aalborg, Betina Jung.

Betina has exhibited with us on a number of occasions here in New York City and we have always found her to be the consummate professional and the work she delivers always exceptional.

Although each of Jung’s pieces is unique, making its own statement. ​The overall composition of her work just seems to dance with color, structure and imagination.

There are hallmarks… indicators if you will, that are consistent with the development of a great artist.

Whether you look at one of her older series such as “Imagination” orone of hermore recent works such as “Absolutely no Desire”, the artwork supersedes time and bears the signature of Jung’s vision.

The same can be said of her sculpture from “Only for color Blind” to “I only wear Brands”; each is different yet consistent with the artist’s personal style.

It is in both the consistency and versatility of the work that we see a future for Jung who is destined to produce important and memorable art.

We are looking forward to watching and participating in the development of this talented Danish artist.

And of course would like to take thisopportunity to wish the Danish Arts community continued success in all their creative ventures.