About Betina Jung

As an artist, I intuitively create distant, undiscovered spaces so that the spectator is free to explore and make the space his or her own. I search for ways to express magic and loss, and how the human soul rejoices and mend in order to deal with both and restore balance.

My work regularly explores the instincts of life: good or evil, light over dark, Heaven and Earth, men and women. What I like to do is blur those divisions, challenging the viewer to examine the boundaries and rules of his or her life vision.

Above all, I want that viewer to ask "deep" questions: What, for example, might a person not tied to a traditional gender role offer and receive from a society obsessed with gender? How do people really view their lives? What are the things that make a person truly happy or sad? Are people trapped in passive roles? Only through asking these questions is it possible to embrace our reality.

In my art and my life, there are several things that I do habitually: I love to observe life and reflect on it though my art. I embrace optimism and explore what is personal and important in different situations. I am not afraid of facing fear and learning from it. I truly believe that the unknown in our lives can be our friend - and it is the unknown elements that I love to explore through in my art.

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