About Betina Jung​

Duality in our worlds provide us with balanced contrast. When the contrast fails to balance, optimism masks rationality and taboo provides a playground for challenge – it is at that moment I feel and see energy. Not always understanding the energy, I rush to capture the moment and harness the fear and beauty of what I see and feel - and so My creative process begins.

My mood reflects My style - My subject reflects My mood - My subject is always My people. It is only in the dualistic nature of humans across epochs, cultures, sexes and ages that collide to provide me with unbalanced contrast.

My Style:
As a dedicated artist, I intuitively seek to build and adopt new themes. I search for ways to express magic and loss, and how the human soul rejoices and mends to deal with both.

Escapism: I create distant spaces for people to escape with their emotions, providing a place where distant light emerges from darkness, and the mind is free to wander in yet undiscovered world. I want you to journey where I was when I created that place, and make it your own.

Empowerment: When the real world wants impose limits to your potency, I create hot, passionate mirrors that reflect the inner you. You will see yourself fronting up to your desired reality rather than the skin and threads you are garnished with. I want you to let your inner child talk to mine, and scream out that you are a passionate and empowered carnal force.

Ambiguity: Duality balances our life forces; good over evil, light over dark, Heaven and Earth, men and women. And so it is our nature to challenge ourselves to see what happens when we blur the accepted boundaries, or break the rules. What is a genderless person and what do they offer and receive from the gendered society they live in. What do they look like and how do they feel. When are they happy and when are they sad. I offer you a form to challenge your world, and walk through the world without duality, and experience what you seek from it.

Despite the intuitive and free flowing techniques I use in creating new paintings and cultures, I do apply certain values. Here are some key words that reflect rather than state My personal values. Do you relate to them too?

Complex human nature - simple desires : Observe life and reflect : EMBRACE OPTIMISM : Explore what is personal in a situation : Explore what is important in a situation : EMBRACE FEAR : The “KNOWN” is neither the beginning, NOR the end : Dedication to a body of work : The INNER CHILD is the INNER FORCE : ALWAYS PASSION, sometimes red hot.

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