Aalborg Handelsskole – Saxogade

​The purpose of bringing art into the study environment was to tell a simple story of life for the young audience to understand and reflect on. With creativity, colors and a material in Plexiglas that the younger people know from their daily use of telephone and laptop, the goal was to create an eye-catcher that matched the young crowd.

The large Plexiglas lady is the main element and she tells a story by pointing out to the world with open arms, and proper dressed in large boots,

​which represents having a solid fundament when stepping into the large undiscovered world – always having a smile on the lips.

The link between art and architecture was also in focus, the floors was sorted in the colors red, blue, green and yellow, and the lockers in the different floors was redesigned to fit the whole story and image of the school – a lively and creative environment.

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