Sparekassen Hvetbo – Pandrup

​In collaboration with the architects Bjørk and Maigaard the focus was to redesign Sparekassen Hvetbo in Pandrup to fit the company's image and “pimp up” waiting room so the daily visitors got a different experience when stepping into the bank – discovering new ways. The colors, decor and interior were chosen to match the art, creating an overall red line in the room and the process of generating the right message and image though both art and architecture took about year to complete.

​The many details of collage and colors around on the walls and pillars are elements intended to break the sterile banking environment and overall spread the message of the bank; that they are willing stand on their heads to please their customers.

In this specific case it is not only the customers who adjusted to the surroundings, also the bank employees got another experience of going to work, and in time the surroundings began to affect their mood positively and inspire the employees to think more out of the box.

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