The Yellow Camel in Aalborg

The walk of the yellow camel is over!

At a shelter in Aalborg the yellow camel have now settled down among young people and adults, where culture and solidarity plays an important role in everyday life.

The entire story of the yellow camel takes its source in Singapore. Here the atmosphere is filled with culture - sculptures in various materials filled with colors mixed with classic, contemporary and experimental architecture. Here I met Jens Larsen and together both your hearts beat for culture in Aalborg, and that we decided to act to – we needed to do something

The camel is not art or culture, just a symbol!

The camel is the most enduring animal that is incredibly tough and so are we - also when it comes to getting more colorful art around the city. The camel was for the first time placed different sites in Aalborg, where many popular spots in Aalborg. We would really like to show Aalborg what culture is from a more clear perspective. We have SO much of it, so why don’t show it!​

Why yellow? - Yellow has positive energies:

Joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gaiety, laughter, philosopher Semitism, caution light, intelligence, knowledge, learning, concentration, persuasion, charm, confidence, creativity, joy, organization and springtime.

What are we going with all this? Why so long to say something? Things need time to settle - we have created wonder and now comes the explanation.

We dream that Aalborg did something completely different. We must be a city who dares because we CAN.

We have created concrete and concrete in Aalborg - maybe we should think in new directions? Concrete is fine if it is combined with something more creative that inspires people. We are a warm people in Aalborg -We have a colorful humor and we keep our word. We carry out our promises. We will be even more proud of our city, why should we not show it?

The yellow camel is created – why not use it as a funny and crooked monument that we can brag of?​

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